Communication Matrix: An Introduction (Part 1/3)

In part one of this three-part webinar series, we'll introduce the Communication Matrix, an online tool to assess the communication skills of students with complex communication needs. Developed by Charity Rowland and Oregon Health Sciences University, the free, online matrix yields a detailed description of the expressive communication skills of any individual functioning at or below the two-year level. In addition to the Matrix itself, we will examine supplemental materials and options that can be accessed from the website at

After this webinar, you will be able to:
- Describe the scope and appropriate use of the Communication Matrix.
- Complete a communication matrix using the online assessment tool.
- Identify reasons why and when they might use the supplemental materials available through the Communication Matrix site after completing a Matrix for an individual with complex communication needs.

Presented by M. Gayl Bowser, Assistive Technology Collaborations. Original air date March 2, 2016. 90 minutes. ATIA Code #AT16-WEB04-AR. CEC Product #WEBAT1604A.

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