AT Professional Development: It's not just workshops!

Time for face to face training in schools setting is rapidly dwindling. But there are many alternative opportunities for online professional development. They include webinars; online instructional modules, web sites offering both AT device and AT service tips and tutorials, and a host of videos about AT and the people who use it from video hosting sites. In this webinar we will review a variety of online PD resources and share a list of others about AT devices and services. Finally, we will discuss ways that online PD can be included in your comprehensive AT professional development plan.

After this webinar, you will be able to:
- Create a plan for use of alternatives to face-to-face professional development workshops in their practice.
- Describe at least three new tools that they can use to develop online professional development opportunities.
- Identify at least four topics for which the use of online professional development is appropriate in their setting.

Presented by M. Gayl Bowser, Assistive Technology Collaborations. Original air date April 2, 2014. 90 minutes. ATIA Code #AT14-WEB09-AR. CEC Product #WEBAT1409A.

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