Fundamental Assessment Process (FAP) for AT

"I need an iPad!" If you are an Assistive Technology Evaluator, we are sure you have heard that statement too many times to count. With the explosion of mobile devices and apps, people can sometimes forget the PROCESS and just focus on the TOOL. Join us for this webinar as we discuss the evaluation process from start to finish. Using the Fundamental Assessment Process (FAP), we will explore all the areas that make up quality assessment.

After this webinar, you will be able to:
- Describe the steps of the Fundamental Assessment Process.
- Identify and apply the importance of the evaluative process with matching devices/features to individual needs.
- Develop a model and resources to support you learning and implementation of the Fundamental Assessment Process.

Presented by Kirk Behnke, Region 4 Education Service Center and Mike Marotta, Advancing Opportunities. Original air date March 12, 2014. 90 minutes. ATIA Code #AT14-WEB07-AR. CEC Product #WEBAT1407A.

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