Chrome as Assistive Technology

Did you know that 22% of US schools now use Chromebooks for students to complete tasks. How does this impact struggling students? In this webinar, we will explore an array of Google Chrome apps and extensions that could be beneficial to ALL students. By leveraging the power of this common browser, we can make significant customization to meet the needs of struggling students. Areas covered will include: reading, writing, brainstorming, and organization.

After this webinar, you will be able to:
- Understand the difference between a Google App and Extension and how to install these you're your browser for access.
- Identify built-in features of Chrome which allow for student customization needs.
- Utilize resources to meet student needs using the Chrome browser in the areas of: reading, writing, brainstorming and organization.

Presented by Mike Marotta, Private Consultant and Kirk Behnke, Texas Assistive Technology Network (TATN). Original air date January 9, 2013. 90 minutes. ATIA Code #AT14-WEB01-AR. CEC Product #WEBAT1401A.

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