Multi-sensory Math Methodologies for Students with LD
Multi-sensory Math Methodologies for Students with LD

Students with visual-spatial and language processing difficulties often struggle to understand and process the intricacies of mathematics. This webinar will present methodologies that have been used in small group and individual instruction settings to increase the student's ability to make connections using multi-sensory, concrete representations.

After this webinar, participants will be able to:
- Immediately utilize clearly illustrated examples, models, and strategies in their classroom.
- Identify how to better reach students struggling with visual and spatial skills related to mathematical concepts.
- Implement new skills and language patterns that help meet the needs of individual learners to move beyond counting and into higher level mathematical concepts.

Presented by Dan Sinclair, Teach 4 Mastery Inc. Original air date March 8, 2017. 58 minutes. #WEB1703A.

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