Building Resilience in Special Educators
Building Resilience in Special Educators

Special educators have demanding jobs that require high levels of energy and resilience. You're probably stressed by these demands, but haven’t been prepared to effectively manage it all. Eventually, job stress escalates to the level of burnout, which has far-reaching consequences that ultimately impact students. With effective coping resources, however,you can build resilience to burnout, optimize your job performance, and promote a healthy learning environment. This webinar summarizes recent stress research and its implications for the learning environment, and will describe and demonstrate evidence-based resilience-building strategies that prevent burnout, promote wellness, and defuse stress during the school day.

Presented by Brandi Ansley, Kris Varjas, and Melanie Blinder, Georgia State University. Original air date Jan. 25, 207. 61 minutes. #WEB1701A.

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