Sexual Decisions SMART Boardÿ Teaching Package
These cards teach students with social impairments, particularly those with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, or other special needs, about behaviors, staying safe, body language, and self-care. This package of four lessons uses the SMART Boardÿ to teach: " How do I ask for consent? " Can I revoke consent once I've already given it? " How do I put on a condom? " How can I be safe during intercourse? " How can I ask someone out? " What should I do if someone rejects me? " Am I ready to have sex? " What are some of the consequences of sexual activity? You get the PDF version of the file and the SMART Boardÿ Programmed files for each lesson. The SMART Boardÿ interactive whiteboard is touch sensitive and operates as part of a system that includes a computer and a projector. A SMART Board is one brand of interactive whiteboard. The projector displays what is open on the computer and, rather than using a mouse or keyboard (although you can use those also), the SMART Board is a touch screen, which allows you to manipulate anything on the screen using your fingers. AUTHOR: Stephanie Mitelman, MA, Certified Sexuality Educator. 2019
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