Charting the Course: Special Education in Charter Schools
Charting the Course: Special Education in Charter Schools

Throughout the United States, increasing numbers of students are being educated in charter schools. Although the educators in these schools may think they are prepared to tackle any problem related to teaching and learning, personnel, financial management, and community relations, many charter schools are overwhelmed by the need for complying with federal rules and regulations while at the same time meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse population?most notably those students with disabilities.

In Charting the Course, Addie Angelov and David Bateman provide readers with a background in essential aspects of delivering special education services in this unique educational setting. Developed in collaboration with prominent charter school organizations and with the support of the National Association of State Directors of Special Education.

By Azure D.S. Angelov and David F. Bateman. 2016. 111 Pages. ISBN 978-0-86586-515-0. #P6231.

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