A Teacher's Guide to Special Education

Despite the prevalence of students with disabilities in the general education classroom, few teachers receive training on how to meet these students' needs or how to navigate the legally mandated processes enumerated in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). What is their role? What are their responsibilities? What must all teachers do to ensure that students with disabilities and other students at risk receive the quality education to which they're entitled?

In this practical reference, David F. Bateman-bestselling author of A Principal's Guide to Special Education-and special education administrator Jenifer L. Cline clarify what general education teachers need to know about special education law and processes and provide a guide to instructional best practices for the inclusive classroom.

By David F. Bateman and Jenifer L. Cline. 2016. 200 Pages. ISBN 978-1-4166-2201-7. #P6229.

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