Friendship 101: Helping Students Build Social Competence
Friendship 101: Helping Students Build Social Competence

The eighth volume of the CEC Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities' Prism series, Friendship 101 focuses on building social competence, friendship making, and recreation and leisure skills among students with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. Chapters in this evidence-based, user-friendly guide address the needs of students in different developmental periods (from pre-K through young adulthood), providing teachers, parents, and teacher educators with tools and strategies for enhancing the social skill development of these children and youth. Presented through an ecological perspective, together these chapters emphasize building social competence within and across school, home, and community contexts.

Juliet E. Hart Barnett and Kelly J. Whalon, editors. 2014. 165 pages. ISBN 978-0-86586-490-0. #P6138.

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