Autism Spectrum Disorders: TEC Collection
Autism Spectrum Disorders: TEC Collection

This collection of articles from TEACHING Exceptional Children (TEC) provides an overview of the latest trends, discussions, and critical issues affecting educators working with children with autism spectrum disorders for school-based activities. With an introduction by former TEC editors Stan Scarpati and Alec Peck, the articles in this collection expand upon the effects of curriculum, instruction, language development, and play on the tools educators use to teach children with autism spectrum disorders, and offer insightful and meaningful solutions to common challenges that exist. Original topics covered: activity schedules and transition issues; integrated play group model; structured work systems; visual script interventions; interventions to increase academic engagement ; mathematics interventions; strategies to increase positive social interactions; and video modeling strategies.

Edited by Alec F. Peck and Stan Scarpati. 2011. 133 pages. ISBN 0-086586-462-4. #P6013.

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