U-STARS~PLUS Science and Literature Connections
U-STARS~PLUS Science and Literature Connections

Science & Literature Connections provides an engaging way to explore scientific ideas within literacy instruction time using 32 popular children’s books. Most of the selected books are readily available and many of the books have been translated into Spanish. Science & Literature Connections is organized around Bloom’s Taxonomy to support a range of thinking levels and to scaffold learning.

By using these materials, a teacher can create a higher-level thinking environment around literature connected with science which motivates reluctant readers. The science concepts are based on the National Science Education Standards and align with most states’ science standards. Science & Literature Connections was designed for Grades K-3, however many of the “connections” may be adapted for Grades 4-5.

By Mary Ruth Coleman and Sneha Shah-Coltrane. 2010. 199 pages. ISBN 0-086586-454-3> #P5968.

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