Gifted Education: Using Enrichment Clusters
Gifted Education: Using Enrichment Clusters

This quick-reference laminated guide for K–12 teachers explains how to use enrichment clusters?an innovative component of the Renzulli Schoolwide Enrichment Model?to engage students, develop skills, and promote advanced learning.

Enrichment clusters engage students in interest-based, student-driven, real-world learning experiences.  This "brand of learning" focuses on providing resources, guidance, and feedback to individuals and small groups based on their interests, abilities, and preferred modes of expression. Enrichment clusters are the academic equivalent of extracurricular activities, with teachers serving as coaches or facilitators rather than traditional instructors. The guide outlines seven steps for successfully implementing enrichment clusters, which include general exploratory activities (Type I Enrichment), group training activities (Type II enrichment), and individual and small group investigations of real problems (Type III enrichment). The guide includes tips on getting started and guidelines for effective evaluation and assessment.

By Joseph Renzulli and Marcia Gentry. 2017. 6 pages. ISBN 978-1-93853-918-3. #NP216.

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