Induction Toolkit for New Special Education Teachers

Strong induction programs help new special education teachers manage their classrooms,and improve morale, self-efficacy, and student outcomes. In this Inducation Toolkit, you will find all of the components for a ready-to-use induction program for your new team. This toolkit provides a wealth of supports for school administrators, mentors, and coaches and will guide you through the process of creating a culture that helps special education teachers transition to their new roles and thrive in the classroom?and beyond. The resources can be used in many ways for individual or group professional development, coaching, and/or continuing education throughout the school year.

This toolkit includes:

Resources for you:
- Administrators Training & Resource Guide, exclusively developed for the Induction Toolkit, to help you utilize the resources from this kit to best welcome and support your new teachers.
- “The Survival Guide for New Special Education Teachers” (paperback)
- Access to the CEC Webinar "Administrators: Helping New Special Education Teachers Thrive in the Classroom," a one-hour webinar to help you support your new teachers.

Resources for your teachers:
- Tips and Tools for New Special Educators: TEACHING Exceptional Children, vol. 49.4, a special issues of TEACHING Exceptional Children, dedicated solely to supporting new teachers.
- Access to the CEC Webinar "Thriving as a New Special Education Teacher," a one-hour webinar for teachers with the strategies and support they need.
- “You’ve Got This” Podcasts, designed for new teachers, with guest experts from the field on some of the biggest new teacher topics.
- Five (5) eBook copies of “The Survival Guide for New Special Education Teachers”

Council for Exceptional Children. 2017. CEC Product Code #D_ITK17.

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