HLPS in Special Education Laminated Guide Collection
AUTHORS: Jocelyn Washburn, M.Ed., Michael Kennedy, Ph.D., Keli Garas-York, Ph.D., Patricia D. George, Ed.M., and Timothy G. Zgliczynski, Ph.D., Dane Marco Di Cesare, Ph.D., Andrew I. Hashey, Ph.D., and Tara L. Kaczorowski, Ph.D. This is a set containing a series of six laminated guides about high-leverage practices. Each 6-page guide is a practical classroom tool showing specific examples about how to implement HLPs. - Guide #1 focuses on Collaboration, covering HLPs 1-3. - Guide #2 focuses on Assessment, covering HLPs 4-6. - Guide #3 focuses on Social/Emotional/Behavioral practices, covering HLPs 7-10. - Guide #4 focuses on Instruction, covering HLPs 11-14. - Guide #5 also focuses on Instruction, covering HLPs 15-18. - Guide #6 focuses on the last four HLPs on Instruction, covering HLPs 19-22. These publications are co-published with National Professional Resources, Inc. 2020

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