Educating Students Book 4: Academics, Life Skills, and Trans
AUTHORS: Emily C. Bouck, Bree A. Jimenez, Jordan C. Shurr Educating Students With Intellectual Disability and Autism Disorder is a comprehensive resource, providing educators with the most up-to-date information on what works in real classrooms with real students. The four books of this series describe day-to-day strategies and practices based on research and evidence, giving education teams the information and the confidence they need to support children and young adults in achieving positive outcomes. Academic, Life Skills, and Transition, the fourth and final book in the series, takes up the controversial topic of what to teach-should the focus be on academics or on functional or life skills?-and stresses that the education of students with ID and ASD should involve both. As in previous books in the series, authors cover a range of topics, reviewing the research base for recommendation strategies, and provide real-life case studies illustrating how to implement best practices. 2019, 130 Pages ISBN: 978-0-86586-540-2
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