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Implementing Tiered Instruction for Diverse PreK Learners

Implementing Tiered Instruction for Diverse PreK Learners: Effective Teacher Decision Making at Tier One. A CEC/DEC Collaborative Webinar

Creating effective learning opportunities is a challenge in teaching preschool-aged children with diverse abilities. This recording provides guidance on how to plan, implement, and evaluate evidence-based teaching sequences at tier one. You will learn to Improve your ability to apply evidence-based instructional practices during daily classroom routines and activities.

After viewing this program, you will be able to:
  • Identify sources of common learning outcomes for diverse groups of young children.
  • Identify daily routines and activities in which learning opportunities can be embedded.
  • Develop multiple and varied teaching sequences built on the principles of universal design for learning and developmentally appropriate practice.
  • Apply key evidence-based instructional practices that can be used for preschool-aged children with diverse abilities to ensure high-quality tier-one instruction.

Presented By:
Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, Kent State University
Jennifer Grisham-Brown, University of Kentucky

Date of original program:
May 3, 2012

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