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Item imageCommon Core State Standards Part I
Hosted on May 3, 2011.

This webinar will provide a summary of presentations from the CEC 2011 Convention and Expo's Individualizing the Use of the Common Core State Standards Institute. The summary will include the collaboration of stakeholders in developing the Common Core State Standards (also referred to as the Common Core Standards, CCS), the design of the standards, attention to the needs of those teaching students with exceptionalities as the CCS are implemented at the state and local levels, the development of Next Generation Assessments aligned with the CCS, foundations of using the CCS when developing IEP goals, and associated research based instructional strategies.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Describe the intent and collaboration in developing the CCS.
  • Locate all of the K-12 English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics standards and the Application to Students with Disabilities.
  • Identify the primary challenges to implementation for all teachers, but particularly those who teach students with disabilities.
  • Follow development of all New Generation Assessments, including an alternate assessment, that is being created by federally-funded consortia.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the skills and strategies involved in using grade level CCS in ELA and mathematics when developing individualized goals and appropriate instructional planning.

Presented by Ginevra Courtade, University of Louisville, and Lynn Boyer, Council for Exceptional Children.

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