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Leading the Co-Teaching Dance: Preparing

Leading the Co-Teaching Dance, Webinar 1: Preparing for Co-Teaching

In this recording, Murawski & Dieker clarify how co-teaching fits into inclusive schools, given the menu of options. They identify the benefits and barriers of co-teaching, explain what co-teaching is and is not, and describe the structures necessary to develop a collaborative culture able to sustain co-teaching. Strategies for increasing communication and collaboration are shared. This is a "must-watch" for any school leaders interested in building in co-teaching at their sites.

After viewing this program, you will be able to:
  • Articulate what co-teaching is and is not.
  • Identify at least three structures that help develop a collaborative culture.

Presented By:
Wendy Murawski, California State University, Northridge
Lisa Deiker, University of Central Florida

Date of original program:
October 2, 2012

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